3 Instagram Profiles to Help You Own Your Curls

Curly hair
Photo by Ariana Prestes on Unsplash

Any curly woman knows how many challenging hair days they must face. It’s not always easy: we’ve all been on the verge of straightening our hair or maybe even been to relaxer-hell and back. But hey, it’s never too late to start owning your curls; and there are more than a few curly women on Insta to help you carry your mane with confidence. Here are a few recommendations to help get your curly vibe on.

The proud owner of a gorgeous set of long, blonde-ish curls, Ali is here to help with a ton of useful curl-related content, from hair care tips and tutorials to empowering curly hair selfies. Just a tiny glance at her Instagram profile is promised to make you want to make the most out of your own curls.

Another curly Insta influencer to check out is Brittany, spreading the curl-love all the way from NYC. You can skim through her profile freestyle or take a more structured tour in her curly content by looking at her well-organized highlighted stories. Among the categories, you’ll find there are brush styling tips, sleep ‘dos, curly guides, and useful info on the Curly Girl Method.

Last but not least we have curly_barbie, a colorful profile featuring curly girls of all shapes and sizes. Whether your curls are loose, tight, wavy, or ultra-dense – you’re bound to find yourself there and feel your curliness being represented.