Insta Artist Soolooka Is All the Soul Food You Need

We all have off days where we’re struggling more than usual and need that extra self-love boost. Instagram artist Soolooka and her beautiful illustrations are the perfect cure for these moments of sadness, momentary emptiness, or low self-esteem. And even if you’re feeling just fine, one look at her drawings will make you feel even better.

Soolooka makes it her mission to comfort lonely souls, letting them know that they’re not lonely after all, and water the seeds of self-love in the hearts of others. Her illustrations deal with various subjects that anyone can relate to: important life challenges like putting ourselves first, listening to our hearts, coping with anxiety and sadness, taking time to heal, and generally embracing all that life throws our way. 

On top of delivering super-important messages, she does it with a crazy amount of talent! Her illustrations are incredibly sweet, colorful, and straight-out magical. The way she anthropomorphizes the heart and emotions, adding her loving touch and lovely palette of colors to every situation she illustrates just makes everything better. 

Btw, Soolooka also offers many of her illustrations along with encouraging and inspiring texts in her book, I Believe in Me, as well as various illustrated merchandise.