4 Countries to Visit in 2020 if Architecture is Your Thing

Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Pawel Nolbert on Unsplash

If you love architecture and design and are looking for exciting destinations to travel to in 2020 then look no further than the list below. Here are some places around the world that are really worth going to if you want to bring back home some fresh new ideas.


Tokyo is hosting the 2020 Olympic Games so there is tons of tourist information around for this country. There are many beautiful restaurants and architecture tours of different cities.



The Grand Egyptian Museum is opening in 2020 in Giza, making it the second-largest museum in the world. This is a great place to start when visiting Egypt. After that, you can go to discover ancient Egypt. Visit the tombs in the Valley of Kings, cruise the Nile and temples of Luxor.


Marrakech has been named the first-ever African Capital of Culture, it is filled with art, culture, architecture, and design. The Yves Saint Laurent Museum and two UNESCO World Heritage sites worth a visit.



If it’s your first time visiting Croatia, start in Dubrovnik. The city has a beautiful city center filled with tons of historical sites. If you are traveling in the summer, make sure to visit the Elaphiti Islands and the nearby town of Mali Ston.