3 Tips for Making Better Salads

Photo by Yoav Aziz on Unsplash

Spring is the perfect time to get into fresh salads. The markets are full of tasty greens and salads are a perfect way to intake your daily nutrients without consuming heavy food or lots of calories. Here are our favorite ways to make amazing salads.

Get the Best Greens You Can

If you get a batch of fresh spring lettuce or other green vegetables, you don’t need a lot of other ingredients to make your salad taste delicious. Eating fresh salads in the spring is so much better than getting bagged mixes during the rest of the year!


Create Contrast

When building a perfect salad, make sure there’s a contrast in texture, flavor, richness, and color. Adding crunchy radishes or sweet strawberries to a bowl of lettuce will provide amazing flavor. Creamy dressings go great against crispy chickpeas in any green salad.


Finish with Herbs

Our opinion is that no salad is complete without a pinch of herbs on top. You can try basil, parsley, oregano, or whatever you like — mix and match until you find the perfect combination.