Garden Glamping is the Latest Lockdown Trend We Can’t Wait to Try

Photo by Ali Kazal on Unsplash

As the weather warms up and the sun pops its head out for summer, it’s even more frustrating to be stuck at home with no festivals or vacations in sight.

The latest lockdown trend is all about spending time outdoors while staying in the safety of your own home. The trend is “Garden Glamping” and it is the chicest way to set up camp in your own back garden.

The best part about camping in your backyard is that if you do run out of supplies or need to use the bathroom, your home is just meters away. You can still cook on an open fire and enjoy the benefits of spending time outside.

Some glampers are taking things to the next level by recreating festivals in their own gardens. Grab a pair of wellies, your favorite bevvy and listen to your favorite live videos of your favorite bands. It might not be Coachella, but you’ll definitely save yourself hundreds of dollars and a three-day hangover!