3 Things You Can Do to Make Mondays Better

Monday is a typically disliked day as it represents the end of the weekend and the beginning of another work week. Depending on your job, you may dread Mondays more or less than other people. Here are some ways to make your Mondays a little bit better.

Plan Ahead

Monday is a day to gain momentum and you should have your Monday tasks prepared beforehand so you can just start working on them in the morning without too much thinking or figuring things out. It’s best to do this on the Friday before as the last task in your workweek.


Exercise on Sunday Evening

Light Sunday evening exercises can help you feel grounded and less anxious on Monday morning. You don’t have to schedule gym time for Sunday evening—a brisk walk or some dancing in the living room will do the trick.

Get Up Earlier

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but if you get up half an hour earlier on Monday morning, you’ll have more time to get ready and ease into the workday. You can use this time to make yourself a cup of coffee and read a book, take a long shower, or to walk to work instead of using public transport.