3 Things to Do Instead of Comparing Yourself to the Others

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

If we told you that social media can be the death of your self-esteem and mental health, we wouldn’t really be telling you anything new. By now, we all know that often checking on the highlights of other people’s lives, whether our friends or celebrities, can make us feel pretty worthless and unaccomplished, but how do you fight that? The easiest way is to get off of social media and stop comparing yourself to others. Here are five things to do instead.


Help Others

The key to happiness often lies in helping others. Do some good and help your family, friends, or the less fortunate and you’ll feel great knowing that you did something that really matters.


Use the Mute Button

Instagram has a wonderful option that lets you mute people and accounts you need a break from without unfollowing them and jeopardizing your relationship with them. When mute is not enough, you can unfollow and block — you’re allowed to.


Go For a Walk

We know it doesn’t sound revolutionary, but it’s amazing how much a simple walk can help when you need to clear your mind and make yourself a priority.