3 Tattoo Trends to Get This Summer

Woman with back tattoos
Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash

It seems that the more time goes by, the more popular tattoos are. Due to the pandemic, people weren’t able to get tattoos and now that things are opening back up, they’re filling the void by getting new body art. Instead of bright colors and bold prints, this summer we’re seeing more simplistic designs in blacks and grays. Here are three tattoo trends to inspire your next ink.

Blackwork Tattoos

You guessed it—these tattoos are black. They take up a lot of negative space and they use only blank ink. Even though they’re lacking color, they’re still bold and beautiful.

Fine Line Tattoos

After tons of celebrities started getting these delicate tattoos in the past five years, they became super popular. Fine line tattoos have straight or curved lines without color or shade and they look super artsy and dainty.

Gray Shading Tattoos

Black and gray shading tattoos give a 3D effect that really pops. They’re like optical illusions. They can be simple or complex, but the detail lies in the use of shading.