Y2K Jewelry is the Retro Trend We’ve Been Waiting For

Beaded bracelets
Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash

Everywhere you look, it’s like the ’00s are back. From low-rise jeans and denim mini skirts to platform sandals and velour tracksuits, Y2K is ruling the fashion trends this year, especially when it comes to jewelry. Bold colors, fun shapes, and cutesy prints are super in style and they’re a great way to add a bit of quirkiness to your outfits. Here are the pieces you need to get.

Bubble Rings

These rings look like the ones we got from gumball machines, but they’re more elevated. Bright colors, interesting shapes, and cool designs are what we love most about bubble rings.

Bold Beads

Do you still have the jewelry you made at summer camp? If not, you can hop on this trend by making your own DIY pieces with colorful plastic beads.


Daises scream summer and they’ll instantly give your outfit a cutesy, girly vibe.

Novelty Nostalgia

These pieces with yin-yangs, hearts, peace signs, and smiley faces make us happy and they bring us right back to the good ole days.

Soda Can Tabs

Similar to safety pins but a whole lot less dangerous, soda can tab jewelry is a mix of edgy and feminine, perfect for the e-girl aesthetic.