3 Pieces From Your Book Collection You Should Donate

Getting rid of old books is one of the hardest parts of decluttering your home because many of them have sentimental value. We’re here to help you get rid of useless pieces without feeling guilty.

Books You Don’t Like

Most of us don’t actually like every book in our collection. If you own a bunch of disappointing novels or old guilty pleasures you’ve grown out of, there’s nothing bad about donating them to a good cause.

Old Magazines

There was once a time when we’d all reach for an old magazine when there was nothing else to do, but those days are long gone. Unless your vintage copies have sentimental or financial value, feel free to get rid of them.


Outdated Reference Books

Some of the reference books you have in your collection are too outdated to be useful. Throw away all of your old phonebooks, computer books, and similar publications that are doing nothing but gathering dust.