Learn How to Order Coffee in France

Visiting a foreign country can become a really enjoyable experience if you take the time to learn some basic vocabulary and phrases before your trip. Having a nice cup of coffee is a necessity for most of us, we’ve got a quick guide for ordering coffee in France.

Café au Lait

Strong brewed coffee with milk is usually served for breakfast in France, along with a delicious croissant or bread-butter-jam. In case you didn’t know, this type of coffee is called Café au Lait.

Une Noisette

After a nice meal, the French like to enjoy a nice cup of espresso with a dab of milk. In Italy, this coffee is called a macchiato, Spanish people call it a cortado, but in France it’s called Une Noisette.

Café Express

If you order an “espresso” in France everyone would understand, but you should know the French name for this delicious cup of coffee – Café Express.

Café Allongé

Café Allongé is the closest thing to American black coffee – it’s an espresso diluted with hot water. For those of you who like drip-style coffee, Café Allongé is a perfect choice.

Café Crème

Unlike Café au Lait, which is made with brewed filtered coffee, Café Crème is an espresso served with steamed milk. It’s a typical drink in French cafes and in case you want a double, you should order a Grand Crème.