3 Perfect Gifts for Readers Aside from Books

If you have a passionate reader among your loved ones and you want to find a perfect gift for them, there are better choices than books. It’s easy to get a book they already have or they won’t like, but these three ideas are universally great and anyone will appreciate them.


Unless they already have one, a Kindle can be the perfect gift for fans of literature. They may say they don’t like the idea of an e-reader, but there are times when it can be very convenient, like during a trip.

Coffee Cup

Books and coffee (or tea) go hand in hand and nobody ever has enough cups and mugs. There are plenty of fun ones you can choose from, like cups that keep the beverage hot and the ones with seasonal prints.


Reading is never complete without a journal to write down quotes and thoughts. There are so many amazing ones you can get; from cute and quirky to expensive, leather-bound notebooks. Some come in a smaller format and are great for taking everywhere while others have a hardcover and many pages for months of writing.