3 Great Spring Cleaning Tips

Image via Pexels

With spring is nearly here, it’s time to start thinking about the seasonal cleaning that’s waiting for all of us. The first hints of warm weather made us think about making the room for summer clothes and putting the winter outfits aside, which is just one of the typical tasks of spring cleaning.

Here are our tips to help you be more efficient and do your spring cleaning early this year so you can relax later.


Break It Down

If you keep waiting until you have a full day or weekend to do the spring cleaning, the day may never come. Instead, break everything into smaller tasks and do them whenever you have some time, even if that’s just for 10 minutes.

Declutter Before Organizing

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to organize everything, but before you do that, you should declutter everything you don’t need. Not only it makes the organizing process easier, but it will also keep your home tidy longer!


Top to Bottom

Cleaning top to bottom will help you clean your home in the most efficient way. Start with the top shelves and dust your way down before finally vacuuming the floor.