3 Golden Rules for Hair Care

Photo by Bobby Rodriguezz on Unsplash

Voluminous hair, healthy ends and soft, hydrated hair are some signs of perfectly healthy hair we’re all trying to achieve. Since our hair is exposed to all kinds of damaging factors on a daily basis, the above sounds like a mission impossible. We think you’ll be happy to hear that it’s actually achievable and not at all complicated to have shiny, healthy hair that will improve your whole look. Here’s how.

Tip #1

If you have curly hair, pick the products that tame your natural curls. Depending on the desired style, spray a leave-in or use a product that keeps your hair in place.


Tip #2

If your hair is straight and thin, volume-adding products are your best friends. Stay away from products that can dry out the hair (containing alcohol, for example), even if your hair is on the greasier side.

Tip #3

The most important thing – if you’re dyeing your hair, you need to use the products designed for dyed hair. You can try out different brands but make sure your hair is getting all the attention it needs.