3 Engagement Ring Trends We’ll See in 2020

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

The period between the beginning of December and Valentine’s Day is unofficially the engagement season, as that’s the time when most proposals happen. This means it’s time to think about engagement rings and here are 3 trends for 2020, according to what five U.K. jewelry brands that make engagement rings told WhoWhatWear — Michelle Oh, Shaun Leane, Messika, Shahla Karimi and Meadowlark.

Colored Stones

Both Michelle Oh and Meadowlark agree that engagement rings with colored stones will be very popular in 2020. This is true for single-colored rings and for multi-color stones.

Three-Stone Rings

Various styles of rings that feature three stones are going to be hot in the following year. Designer Shaun Leane thinks that “three-stone contemporary rings are going to be a key trend for 2020. I feel that jewelry nowadays is so much more aligned with fashion and that women curate their jewelry collection in line with their personal style.”


Updated Solitaries

Diamond solitaire rings are a classic, but in 2020, they come with a twist. There are so many variations of a regular diamond engagement ring and the selection is bigger than ever.