3 Calming Video Games to Play Right Now

Screenshot from "The Sims"

Do you enjoy playing video games? If you happen to be isolated at home right now, it might be a great time to revisit this fun hobby. Here are three of our favorite games that will calm you down and let you forget about the real world for a while.


Journey may be the best example of a mindful game you can play when you need to get away from everything. You can play it alone or with other people online and the experience is just beautiful.

The Sims

When you play The Sims, you get a unique chance to create a virtual life of your dreams. No matter how satisfied you are with your actual life, getting to control someone else’s entirely different existence is definitely fun and exciting.

Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy was made to be easy to play and to help you relax whenever you need it. The goal of the game is to rebuild the stars that were accidentally destroyed by the King of All Cosmos.