13 Minutes is All You Need For Your Workout

New research suggests you might only need 13 minutes at the gym to get your best results.

With our modern busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to find the time to hit the gym. For most of us, our ideal workout is, therefore, one where we get maximum benefits with minimum effort. If this is you, then you’ll be pretty pleased to learn that new research suggests you only might need 13 minutes to get a good workout.

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A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise studied 34 fitness fanatics to see which fitness routines were most effective.

Everyone performed the same set of seven exercises. These included your standard workouts like the chest press, weight lifting, etc. All groups did each exercise for 12 reps three times a week for eight weeks. The first group, however, did each set just once while the second group repeated each set three times per session. The third ended up doing the whole workout five times during each session.

The results showed, that all three groups had similar strength gains. This means that the group who spent 13 minutes on their workout, benefited just as much as the group who worked out for 70 minutes!

If your goal is to really bulk up, then more reps will equal more gains. If you just want to build some strength and tone up, then the good news is that you can achieve this by adding a 13-minute workout session to your schedule three times a week. That definitely seems doable!