Yulia Brodskaya is Transforming Paper Into Amazing Works of Art

Many artists use paper as their medium, but they do it in different ways. While some simply paint on it, others are painting and drawing with paper instead and creating something truly extraordinary—including the renowned paper artist Yulia Brodskaya.

Brodskaya has a background in graphic design, but she’s been interested in papercrafts from an early age. She’s been mastering her edge-glued paper technique, similar to quilling, for an entire decade and found a way to put a twist on the traditional way of making paper art.

Brodskaya always starts her process with a detailed sketch which allows her to have a clear idea of her artwork. Once that’s done, she moves on to gluing separate pieces of paper one by one and takes a couple of days or even a couple of weeks to finish up single artwork, depending on its complexity and size.

In addition to using different kinds of paper, Brodskaya utilizes all sorts of special tools, ranging from tweezers and cutting knife to cocktail straws and wooden toothpicks. Paper is all she needs to create amazing portraits and nature-inspired cut-outs that have to be seen to be believed.