Your Living Room Needs a Velvet Couch

Velvet has been trendy lately in a very unusual manner: couches. In reality, velvet has been around as early as 2000 BC, so it’s clearly a very reliable source. Velvet isn’t a fabric, it’s actually a weaving pattern that creates the look and texture most people know as being velvet. Velvet couches are one of those throwback trends that will always be classy and sophisticated, so why not add one to your living room!

Velvet couches give off such an elegant vibe, that no matter what else you have in your room, a velvet couch will make a statement and set the tone. However, you can really tone it down to be a more neutral looking piece in your home by choosing the right color and adding more pillows or throw blankets.

If you have a lot of neutral colors in your home or just in the living room, having a velvet couch can make a bold statement, especially if you pick a bright color like purple or blue. The important thing to think about when picking a velvet couch is not matching it exactly with the surrounding objects, but just to make sure everything flows together.