These Household Items Can Help You Cook Better

There are so many different hacks and advice people give to become a better cook, but normally it stays within the realm of kitchen tools or techniques. But, there are some wackier things out there that are also super useful, so check them out and try them for yourself!


Go into your bathroom, get out your hairdryer, and plug it into your kitchen. Why? So you can get the crispiest chicken skin of your life.

Flabby chicken skin is such a sad sight, and even if you blot it for days with a paper towel, it still can come out not so crispy. Instead, whip out your hairdryer to dry it out and you’ll see how crispy that skin will become.

Rubber Gloves

Besides keeping your hands dry when you wash dishes, rubber gloves are perfect for shucking corn and getting off all the silk! Instead of spending forever trying to get it out of your teeth, just throw on some rubber gloves and they’ll be none left.

Washing Machine

While this next one isn’t directly related to cooking, it’s in reference to hosting parties. Instead of cramming your fridge with drinks and sodas for guests, put ice into your washing machine and store your drinks in there! When the party is done, just run the machine and it’ll all drain out.