These Household Items Can Help You Cook Better

There are so many different hacks and advice people give to become a better cook, but normally it stays within the realm of kitchen tools or techniques. But, there are some wackier things out there that are also super useful, so check them out and try them for yourself!


Go into your bathroom, get out your hairdryer, and plug it into your kitchen. Why? So you can get the crispiest chicken skin of your life.

Flabby chicken skin is such a sad sight, and even if you blot it for days with a paper towel, it still can come out not so crispy. Instead, whip out your hairdryer to dry it out and you’ll see how crispy that skin will become.

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💁🏽‍♀️Keeping my hair hydrated during the summer can be tough. Going to the pool each day, and running in the heat can really dry-out and damage my hair. That’s why I am so thankful for my @Panasonicbeauty nanoe™ Hair Dryer. #ad _ Whats amazing about the Pasanonic nanoe™ Hair Dryer is that the nanoe™ technology takes the moisture from the air to create tiny, moisture-rich nanoe™ particles that are small enough to penetrate the shafts of my hair. These particles hold nearly 1,000 time more moisture than regular ions. The nanoe™ particles are infused in the Panasonic nanoe™ Hair Dryer process, creating a beautiful, moisturized look after a blow-dry. _ You can get precision styling with its three Pro-quality attachments. I am loving the Quick-dry Nozzle for strong and soft airflows. It also includes a concentrator Nozzle so that I can get air to all the parts of my hair, especially for precision styling. And lastly, the diffuser expertly dries curly or wavy hair, while also adding body and volume. _ I don’t know about you, but I stay super active in the summer, and this Pasanoic nanoe™ Hair Dryer has been a blessing for me to keep my hair healthy and styled for every occasion! #panasonicbeauty #happilyhydrated _ How do you dry your hair while keeping it moisturized in the summer? ❤️Love hearing from you!

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Rubber Gloves

Besides keeping your hands dry when you wash dishes, rubber gloves are perfect for shucking corn and getting off all the silk! Instead of spending forever trying to get it out of your teeth, just throw on some rubber gloves and they’ll be none left.

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水仕事をしていると、手肌の荒れやネイルが気になりますよね。いつまでも指先までキレイでいたいから、おしゃれデザインのカバー付きゴム手袋で、刺激からブロック。 手のひら側の凹凸が滑りにくく、長い袖口の内側はずり落ちにくいゴムバンド付きなので水の入りをしっかり防ぎます。水回りの家事以外にも、ガーデニングや洗車、カラーリングなどにも便利。 またお揃いデザインの吸水マットは、抗菌・防臭、裏メッシュの乾きやすいスグれもの。場所を取る水切りカゴと違って、使わない時はくるっと巻いて収納できます。お揃いアイテムで、キッチンを素敵にコーディネートできますね♪ . カバー付きゴム手袋 ブラック/ブルー/グリーン/ピンク 価格 248円(税込) . 吸水マット ブラック/ブルー/グリーン/ピンク 価格 398円(税込) . 詳しくはこちら . #カバー付きゴム手袋 #吸水マット #キッチン #洗い物 #デザイン #おしゃれ #抗菌防臭 #ガーデニング #rubbergloves #waterabsorptionmat #kitchen #wash #design #fashionable #antibacterialdeodorant #gardening #cainz #cainzhome #カインズ #カインズホーム #くらしにららら

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Washing Machine

While this next one isn’t directly related to cooking, it’s in reference to hosting parties. Instead of cramming your fridge with drinks and sodas for guests, put ice into your washing machine and store your drinks in there! When the party is done, just run the machine and it’ll all drain out.