Your Guide to Selling Clothes Online

Seasonal wardrobe
Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

Have you recently decluttered your wardrobe and are left with more clothes than you know what to do with? While you can donate clothes, have you thought about reselling them? With all of the apps available for cashing in on secondhand clothes, it’s easier than ever, and here’s how to sell your clothes on apps, so you’ll make the most profit.

Freshen Up the Clothes

Start by making your clothes as fresh as possible by washing and drying everything. Buff away scuffs on shoes and polish the hardware on bags. Check all of the clothes for rips, stains, or holes.

Prepare the Listing

The buyer should know everything possible about the item including the brand, size, and condition. Be sure to provide an accurate description of the item and clear photographs. If there are defects, take photos of them, so the buyer knows what they’re getting. It’s also worth mentioning if your home is smoke-free or pet-free.

Best Apps and Sites

ASOS, Marketplace, ThredUp, Mercari, and The RealReal are great places to start. They each focus on a different market. Some of them specialize in luxury mechanise like Prada, Gucci, and Chanel and other ones take everything from GAP and Target to Coach and Kate Spade.

Seller’s Commission

Accepted items can earn anything from five to 80 percent on the listing price. Factors that are accounted for include estimated retail price, seasonality, and condition.