You Won’t Believe That the Flowers by This Quilling Artist Aren’t Real

The Japanese art of origami has been transforming paper into exquisite creations since the 17th century. An even older practice, that is no less beautiful, is quilling.

Not as well known as its Japanese cousin, quilling is believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt. The art form involves rolling strips of paper to create unbelievable 3D designs.

Manuela Koosch is a quilling artist from Romania who has been practicing her craft since 2010. Her Instagram account, @paper_to_petal, has more than 22,000 followers.

Manuela’s discovery of quilling was accidental, as she was originally looking for an origami tutorial. Yet, the striking designs, so delicately crafted, stuck in her mind…

“Everything I know about this type of paper craft I learned from the internet,” she says.

Although any shape or form can be created through quilling, Manuela is inspired by the botanical world and uses her skills to make breathtaking flowers.

Patience is definitely required for this art form (as is good hand-eye coordination) but the practice can also be calming and therapeutic. Not to mention, incredibly imaginative.

“The quilling community is full of wonderful and incredibly talented people, and new ideas spread like fire. Today an artist invents a type of flower in Malaysia and the next day quillers around the world know how to make it!”