3 Criteria To Consider When Choosing Travel Buddies

Girl by a waterfall
Photo by BeQa shavidze on Unsplash

If you’re getting ready for a long trip but haven’t yet chosen your travel buddies, it’s essential to consider a few things first. The friends you choose to travel with can actually make or break your trip, which is why you should be super careful about who you go with. Here are the three most important things to think about.


You and your friends might have different budgets, so it’s crucial to make sure that you’re on the same page. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with traveling with someone with a different budget, as long as you both have talked about it upfront so there are no harsh surprises later.

Travel Priorities

Are you someone who likes to go partying, and doesn’t care so much about climbing mountains? Is your friend the same, or the opposite? This is something you should talk to your friend about. If you go on your trip and you’re not interested in doing the same things, it may create problems down the line.

Going Solo

Sometimes you might get separated from your friend on the trip. Are you someone who’s totally fine going off on your own for a bit? If so, make sure your friend is the same, because this could also create problems if you’re not on the same page about that.