You Have to See This Amazon Shoe Outlet to Believe It

If you’ve ever ordered anything online from Amazon, you know that some items have a great return policy. But, where do those things end up going once you’ve sent them back to Amazon? The answer for a lot of people is an outlet store called 6 PM Outlet located in Louisville, Kentucky. This store is unlike anything you could ever imagine, and you really have to see it to believe it.

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Louisville itself is such a cool city. There is an amazing up and coming art and music scene, incredible southern restaurants, and all the whiskey you could ever dream of. But, what makes it even better is how affordable of a city it is, and the 6 PM Amazon outlet helps out with that quite a bit.

Basically, this store is like most outlet stores, but way better. These shoes have never been worn, but get returned for one reason or another, so Amazon has to sell them at a discounted rate. But, the discounts at this outlet are even better. All shoes are anywhere from 40%-80% off, but also, every week they have different additional discounts, which means you could get a designer pair of shoes for up to 90% off market price. With these kinds of savings, you can’t afford not to go!