You Have to See Danielle Clough’s Tennis Racquet Embroidery

There are so many embroidery artists on Instagram right now that you have to do something truly special to make a mark in this competitive corner of the art world. Danielle Clough is doing just that with her one-of-a-kind, tennis racket embroidery.

Clough is based in Cape Town, South Africa and she’s a multi-faceted artist who’s always managing to find new ways to put a twist on traditional art forms. She’s no stranger to creating classic embroidery hoops, but her series of tennis racquet embroidery transformed her into a true Instagram sensation.

In Clough’s own words, her embroidery is colorful and delicate and it celebrates “the joining of the old with the new in a wistful and playful manner that is thoroughly modern in approach, yet nostalgic at heart.” This perfectly describes her tennis racquet embroidery, since she usually utilizes retro pieces and gives them a new life through her art.

Pop culture often serves as Clough’s main source of inspiration, and she created many pieces inspired by famous artists and movie characters. She tends to keep things a little bit more simple when it comes to tennis racquets since they’re not that easy to embroider, and that’s why she usually sticks to nature-inspired themes.