3 Things to Know Before Getting a Farmhouse Sink

Image via photographee.eu/Depositphotos

One of the ways to make your kitchen look more beautiful than ever is to get a farmhouse sink. These sinks are gorgeous and they make any kitchen look more elegant, but there are some things you should know before you decide to get one.

It Will Get Stained and Chipped Easily

Classic white farmhouse sinks are made of white porcelain, a material that needs a lot of care and regular cleaning. Porcelain can also chip if you’re not careful with heavy pans and other dishes, making your job of maintaining a perfect kitchen a bit more difficult.

You Can Get Other Materials

Farmhouse sinks don’t just come in white porcelain, although those that do are arguably the most beautiful ones. If you want something more practical, you can go for stainless steel or copper.

Single or Double Basin

You can choose a farmhouse sink with a single or double basin depending on your personal preferences and habits. This is a purely individual choice as we all have different habits when making food, so think about it ahead and see what’s right for you.