You Can Chase the Northern Lights During the Summer

Everyone wants to see the Northern Light at least once in their lifetime, but is it possible to witness this natural miracle in the summer time? Many people believe it only makes sense to chase Aurora in the winter, but this is actually a common misconception.

Midnight Sun

Most of the places where the Northern Lights can be spotted get more daylight than usual during the summer time. The midnight sun is a common occurrence, and you’ll only get a couple of hours a day when the skies are dark enough to spot Aurora Borealis.

Clouded Skies

The Northern Light chasers prefer winters because they usually offer crisper views at the sky. That doesn’t necessarily mean the sky won’t be clear in the summer, you just have to make a good plan and rely on a little bit of luck.

Worth a Shot

It’s not impossible to spot the Aurora during long summer days, as long as you know when and where to go. It’s still a magical experience, and even if you don’t end up seeing it, tourist destinations where it can be spotted are worth a visit thanks to their natural beauty.