Yayoi Kusama’s Eccentric Art Collection

Yayoi Kusama who is currently 90 years old, continues to make sculpture and installation art. She studied a special Japanese painting called Nihonga at the Kyoto School of Arts.

The movements she follows are pop art, minimalist, feminist, and environmental art. Her artwork reveals her inner anxiety and her need to focus on repetitive patterns. Painting is her form of release and she once said that “Art Is My Medicine.” Check out a few of her artworks to see her psychological world revealed through her thought-provoking pieces.


Yayoi began drawing pumpkins as a young girl before the war in Japan ensued. Her family also owned a kabocha squash plant nursery which might have inspired her pumpkin fascination.

Polka Dotted Room

Yayoi Kusama was known to have OCD and anxiety, her obsession with dots became apparent through her works. This room is mesmerizing, don’t you think?


Infinity Mirror Room

Yayoi produced over 20 versions of the mirror rooms. This is an example of her perceptual vision that appears to be a 3D space through the use of various lights and angles. We feel like we’re floating in space through this mesmerizing installation.