Go Ahead and Mix Your Gold and Silver Jewelry

In the fashion world, mixing gold and silver has been regarded as a huge faux pas. Gold earrings have always been known to compliment gold necklaces and gold rings. While silver elements mainly stuck to its silver accessory counterparts.

These pictures prove that gold and silver don’t need to clash and that they can be paired harmoniously.

Quirky Lockets

Chunky silver chains and big pendants – now this is a statement piece. Pair it with some large silver or gold hoop earrings and you’re good to go.


Stack It Up

The fashion law of not mixing gold and silver doesn’t apply at all in this picture. The stacked gold and silver bracelets with precious gems look stunning, shimmering, splendid.

Mix & Match

A bold colored outfit can truly make any accessory stand out. This gold and silver embellished cuff paired with stackable rings really compliments the look of this elegant, coral dress.