Workouts Inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” Are All the Rage on YouTube

Taylor Swift at the 47th Annual American Music Awards in 2019
Taylor Swift at the 47th Annual American Music Awards in 2019. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock (10481442fg)

Taylor Swift made quite a splash with her latest studio album Midnights, and broke many major records along the way. Fitness influencers on YouTube are as obsessed with this album as the rest of us, and they’ve given us some pretty amazing workout videos choreographed to its biggest hits.


We can count on Maddie Lymburner of MadFit to grace us with a new dance cardio workout every time Swift drops a new album. Her Midnights workout didn’t disappoint, and it allows you to burn some major calories to the beat of such songs as “Anti-Hero”, “Lavender Haze”, and “Karma”.


EmkFit is another YouTube channel specializing in dance cardio workouts, and it puts an emphasis on fun and carefree fitness experience. This Midnights workout abides by those rules, as well, and the song choice is pretty much the same as in MadFit’s workout, with the addition of “Bejeweled”.

Kyra Pro

If the previous two workouts aren’t long enough for you, Kyra Pro’s Midnights routine might do the trick. It features a total of five songs, including “Anti-Hero”, “Lavender Haze”, “Karma”, “Bye Friends!”, and “Vigilante S—t”, but there’s also a longer 30-minute version available on Kyra Pro’s Patreon for die-hard fans.