When Should You Get Rid of Your Christmas Tree?

Christmas trees instantly fill any room with holiday spirit and we want our tree to last as long as it can. We’re always wondering when’s the right time to get rid of it?

In general, Christmas trees should last up to six weeks after they’re cut if they’re taken care of. To make the tree last longer make sure you pick a good one to begin with by shaking the tree to see if the needles fall off. Other than that, what signs should you look for before you need to get rid of your tree?

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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

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It’s No Longer Drinking Water

In order to water your tree, you have to pour the water into the stands and the tree will then absorb it, but when the water isn’t being absorbed, it means your tree won’t last much longer. When this happens you should get rid of your tree within two weeks.

The Branches are Snapping

When you place your baubles, make sure you put them on the strongest branches and when these begin to break, it’s time to dispose of your tree.


It’s Losing Needles

The needles should stay on healthy trees and they fall off dry ones. When your tree starts shedding a lot of needles, it’s time to think about getting rid of it.

The Needles are Browning

If your tree seems to be more brown than green in color, your tree is drying out. You’ll also notice that the pine-like smell has faded away.