What’s Forest Bathing and How to Get into it

Photo by Jasmine B on Unsplash

Everyone has heard of sunbathing, but forest bathing may be a new term. It stems from the Japanese phrase shinrin-yoku, which translates to forest bathing or forest therapy. Essentially, it is a way to commune with nature, and reap the benefits of being at peace in the forest. Here’s how to get started.

Taking It Easy

There is a common idea, that walking in the forest is always hiking. When it comes to forest bathing, you are not hiking though. Instead, you are moving through the forest slowly or sitting in one quiet spot. You are supposed to move through the forest and go in the direction that you feel drawn to. 


As you walk through the forest, you should interact with your surroundings. This can mean stopping to watch some bunnies munch on some grass or listening to a stream trickling by. The point is to commune with your natural surroundings, without being interrupted by the outside world. You should feel a sense of calm, and peace after doing this for a while.

Get Creative

After you have found a quiet space, you may begin to feel a sense of calm. This is when creativity can flourish, and for those who have been experiencing a block, forest bathing can help get the creative juices flowing. 

Let the forest guide you, and help you relax.