What You Need to Know About Hand-Washing Your Clothes

If you’re buying clothes to last, you want to give them the best care you possibly can. Those who have chosen the path of sustainable fashion know that such garments are made of quality materials and usually more expensive than the items from the fast fashion brands, so it makes sense to take care of them and make sure they will last you for years, just like you initially planned. This may mean you’ll have to hand wash some of your clothes.

Hand washing garments will use less energy than firing up the washing machine. Using an eco-friendly detergent and cold water will ensure you’re doing everything you can for the environment. For the details, consult the care label on the clothing item. Once you determine what to use, you can simply wash your clothes in the sink filled with water or in a small plastic tub. Dissolve some detergent in the water and soak your clothes. Swish them around, rub gently, and let soak for a while.

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Once this is done, simply rinse the garments with clean water and squeeze to get out the excess water. Hang or lay flat to dry, depending on what the care label says, and they will soon be ready to be worn again!