There’s One Skincare Product You Shouldn’t Splurge On

When it comes to skincare, we tend to believe that we need to spend a lot of money if we want to get good quality products. While that may be true, for some products like moisturizers and serums, there’s one category in which the performance doesn’t rely on the price you paid for it.

When it comes to cleansers, it’s often not necessary to spend the extra buck hoping for a better result. A cleanser is a product that doesn’t stay on your skin long. You rinse it with water seconds after applying it, so it doesn’t make much sense to look at it like you look at a moisturizer that stays on your skin all day long. In fact, dermatologists seem to prefer cleansers with simple formulas that won’t clog your pores or dry out your skin.

Which cleanser you choose is still a personal decision, as it may depend on your skin type and some other factors. It’s usually unnecessary to spend more than $10-15 on a bottle of cleanser, so invest your money wisely in another product that will actually make a difference.