What to Do Before Storing Winter Clothes

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

If you’re into organizing even a little bit, swapping the seasonal closet can feel like Christmas. There’s something so exciting about finding all the great summer clothes you stored six months ago and coming up with new outfits for the upcoming season. Before you store your winter clothes for months, here’s what you should do.

Sort Them

Don’t just pack everything, but take time to sort and see what you’ll keep and what you’ll donate or recycle. You’ll be thankful you did this the next time you need to unpack these clothes.

Wash Them

Don’t pack unwashed clothes — it can lead to producing mold or breaking down the fibers. Make sure everything goes through the laundry before packing.

Pick the Place

Avoid places that are too hot or humid because they can damage your clothes. Basements make sense in terms of getting the boxes out of your sight, but make sure the conditions are optimal for storing clothes for months so they stay as good as new for the next season.