What Can We Do With Washi Tape?

We’re sure you’ve all heard of washi tape, but you may not be sure what to do with it. So we put together a few ideas, but beware: washi tape is quite addictive, so read on only if you’ve extra storage space for beautiful things!


The main strength of washi tape rolls is in their aesthetics. You can pick bold designs or more tame patterns or illustrations and use them all around the house. Found a scratch on a book, piece of furniture or even your wall? Cover it up with your favorite, colorful tape.


Washi tape is typically a roll of very thin adhesive paper so we wouldn’t recommend using it to mend plumbing or furniture, but it’s brilliant when it comes to paper product repairs. You can match a washi design to that of your favorite old notebook, and apply it to the ruffled edges and corners of the cover, and even to worn-out book and notebook spines.


This is washi tape’s most decorative use in our list and is aimed particularly at those who love DIY furniture. Get creative and re-design surfaces of tables and shelves with combinations of your favorite washi designs. This will make your home uniquely yours and make even the oldest ugliest pieces seem more joyful.