It’s Time to Try Hailey Bieber’s Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails

Hailey Bieber is easily one of the biggest trendsetters lately. From makeup to fashion to nails, she excels in elevating the basics. It seemed like everyone was getting the “Hailey Bieber Glazed Donut Nails” forever. Recently, these nails got an upgrade themselves! Hailey was spotted with what everyone is now calling the “Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails”. 

What are Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails?

Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails create a cozy, warm vibe with a chocolatey brown base with a pearly top coat. Thankfully, Hailey Bieber’s nail stylist gave the world the exact shades and polishes she uses to create the look–and she uses all affordable products that can be found anywhere that sells OPI polishes!

How to Achieve the Look At Home!

Start by priming your nails with your favorite base coat. Then, apply one layer of OPI Infinite Shine nail polish in Espresso Your Inner Self. By only applying one coast, you get a more translucent look that adds to the sheer tone you are going for. Then add one really thin layer of OPI Infinite Shine in Kyoto Pearl (you can also thin this color out by mixing it with your clear coat. The last step is to simply add your favorite top coat and enjoy your beautiful nail look!

@haileybieber I know we’re tired of my constant color switch up but… the chocolate glazed donut nails are really hitting for me for fall 🤤🤎🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 @zolaganzorigt ♬ original sound – jex