We’re Loving These Fashion Trends from Shay Mitchell’s Instagram

Shay Mitchell has been our fashion muse ever since getting her big break with Pretty Little Liars and her style is constantly evolving. Her Instagram page is a great source of fashion inspiration, and here are some of the best trends that she’s embracing this summer.

Orange Vibes

If we had to pick the trendiest color of this year’s summer season, orange would definitely make the cut, so it’s not a surprise to see Mitchell give it her seal of approval.

Monochrome Looks

Lake many of our favorite Hollywood stars, Mitchell is a huge fan of monochrome looks and this combo made us fall in love with the color beige all over again.

Neutral Colors

Speaking of all things beige, neutral colors are also showing up everywhere this summer, and white and beige are some of the best picks for subtle and sophisticated summer outfits.

Bucket Hats

It’s been years since bucket hats made a comeback, and if you think they’ll go out of style this summer—think again. This 90s staple is going stronger than ever right now, and Mitchell loves them more than anyone.

Chunky Jewelry

Chunky jewelry is one of the staples of Mitchell’s style right now, and it’s a rarity to see her without this accessory.