Remington Robinson is Creating Altoid Tin Box Mini Paintings

Many artists on Instagram found viral fame after deciding to focus on miniature paintings, but there’s something really special about Remington Robinson. He is best known for creating tiny landscape paintings inside Altoids tin boxes.

Robinson is based in Boulder, Colorado and he started creating tiny paintings inside mint containers after seeing other people do it. In addition to looking super-fun, these miniature paintings allowed him to save time during his travels because he usually creates art on the go.

“The natural world is a wellspring of inexhaustible inspiration for me. Everywhere I go, excitement and enthusiasm bubbles up within me, urging me to paint anything and everything I see,” explains Robinson on his official website.

It usually takes between one and three hours to complete each Altoids tin painting. He usually takes a photo of the scene he wants to paint beforehand and goes back to take another one once the paintings are finished. He uses a new tin box for each painting, and he received most of them as a donation or buys them on eBay in bulk.