Wednesday Addam’s Make-Up Look is Everything!

Jenna Ortega in
Jenna Ortega in "Wednesday"

Beauty trends come from all over the place (here’s looking at you, TikTok), but one of our favorites at the moment is definitely “soft goth”. The aesthetic was pulled off flawlessly in the new Netflix series Wednesday, so we’re hardly surprised that the show is the second-most watched English-language Netflix series in the history of the platform!

Aside from the lovable character (played by Jenna Ortega) and the endless mysteries at Nevermore College, we can’t get enough of the gorgeous looks crafted by hair and make-up designer, Tara McDonald. 

“I wanted every character to look beautiful. I wanted a strong iconic look for each one,” McDonald told MEGA

As the lead character, most eyes would be on Wednesday herself, and so the designer created a look that has become known as soft goth.

Ortega’s eyes were made-up with the shades Brown Script, Carbon, and Glitch in the Matrix from MAC. The smoky eye was then finished off with lashings of black Ilia mascara.

Much attention has been given to Wednesday’s lip color, with the burgundy hue applied in a way it had a “just bitten” effect. 

“The idea was for her to look like she had naturally dark lips,” McDonald told Cosmopolitan

The shade was created by combining MAC’s lip liner in Nightmoth with a bit of Dr. PawPaw’s clear lip balm. Mix the two together in a little pot or the back of your hand and then apply.