We All Make These Common Foundation Mistakes

Finding the perfect foundation for our skin type and applying it the right way is not as easy as it sounds. If you’re having trouble mastering the art of foundation, read these tips on how to solve the most common foundation mistakes.

The Shade of it All

The first step towards a perfect makeup look is choosing the right foundation shade. Before you go to the makeup store, learn what is the best foundation for your skin type, and determine your skin undertone. Only then you can go to the store, test a few different foundations on the jawline, and buy the one that matches.

Applying Too Much

Using too much foundation is probably the most common mistake we make. Building up product to cover some flaws will only draw attention to that area, so try to avoid this and make sure you blend it properly.

Wrong Tools

Just like we need to find the perfect foundation for our skin, we also need the right tools to apply that foundation. You can apply with a brush or a sponge, whatever works best for you. And as a side note, keep all these beauty tools clean to ensure a flawless result and healthy skin.