Walk Back In Time With These “Outlander”-Inspired Holiday Spots

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in "Outlander"

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander has some pretty diehard fans, and when the Starz television show began airing, that fan base only got bigger. Now, anyone who has watched the show knows that it takes place in Scotland, France, the West Indies, and the New World a.k.a North America. That is a lot of different location sites to visit! We decided to make it easy for you, and tell you about the top three Outlander filming locations, which are also great holiday spots. 

Glasgow, Scotland

The first few seasons of the show are set in Scotland, and the city of Glasgow is the backdrop for many of the old town scenes. The city itself maintains a lot of the old world charm seen in the show. Art nouveau and Victorian architecture can be seen throughout the city, which makes it a lovely place to spend a few days. 


Fife, Scotland

This coastal region of Scotland is characterized by sweeping bluffs, which lead out to the sea. A lot of those windswept moments between Jaime and Claire take place in this area. For travelers, a stop at St. Andrews, which is also the site of the oldest university in the world, is a good resting place for a weekend. 

Cape Town, South Africa

When Jaime and Claire head to the West Indies, they actually land in South Africa, not the Caribbean. Many of the tropical plantation scenes in Season 3 were filmed here. A visit to Cape Town is always a good choice, especially if you love surfing. 

Now head off on your Outlander inspired adventure!