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Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander has some pretty diehard fans, and when the Starz television show began airing, that fan base only got bigger. Now, anyone who has watched the show knows that it takes place in Scotland, France, the West Indies, and the New World a.k.a North America....
You probably already know what hygge is a Danish wellness and cozy style of living, and coorie is the Scottish version of that. Coorie is essentially a lifestyle concept that focuses on being cozy and present in the moment.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BtOgyIdndld/
Scotland is one of the most underestimated countries in Europe, even though it has so many magical natural beauties to offer. It is very close to England and Ireland, which means you can do a whole trip, traveling through all of these countries at once.
By now, you’re already familiar with the happiness concepts that many northern countries have. Hygge comes from Denmark and Norway, Lagom is from Sweden, and today we’re talking about a phenomenon from Scotland called Coorie. Coorie is the Scottish way of enjoying life and finding happiness. The biggest difference from...

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