Vera Shimunia Captures the Beauty of Nature with Her Intricate Embroidery

Many embroidery artists managed to build a huge following on Instagram, and Vera Shimunia happens to be one of the very best. She uses thread and needle to craft colorful, intricate landscapes that fully capture the beauty of nature.

Shimunia describes herself as a “thread painter” and she’s completely self-taught. She started her journey in the world of embroidery because it felt like something fun to do, but kept going after her embroidery experiments gained traction online.

Her Instagram page has over 250,000 followers, and her creative process significantly evolved since she started it. Her creations are quite unique thanks to the vibrant pop of color and detailed textures, and many of them feature her signature fluffy clouds.

Shimunia’s embroidery hoops can take anywhere from three days to a month to complete, depending on the level of difficulty. She mostly draws inspiration from nature, and her most beautiful creations take the form of mountain tops, river streams, and sunsets brought to life with nothing but needle and thread.