Use Pumpkins as an Excuse to Get Out of the House

Photo by Marius Ciocirlan on Unsplash

Social distancing isn’t an excuse to stay at home all the time. There are actually many autumn activities that will get you, your friends, and your family out of the house and you can, in fact, fill your days with pumpkins alone. Here are a few things you can do outside with pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch

First thing’s first, you need to get a pumpkin, which is going to take you to your local pumpkin patch. Likely located on a farm, these places offer fun for everyone. Petting zoos, hayrides, and maybe even a haunted house, a lot of places go all out for Halloween season. And of course, make sure you count in the time you’ll need to pick the perfect pumpkin to put on the porch.


Once you’ve picked out a show-stopping squash, you have your work cut out for you. Or rather, cut out of the pumpkin, cause next up is carving time! Before you can make a Jack-o-lantern, you have to remove the guts and seeds from the pumpkin. Cut a whole in the top, and set everything aside. You can use the insides to make healthy snacks, including roasted pumpkin seeds, pie, muffins, and more. 

After the good stuff is set aside, it’s time to design. take a marker to outline the shape that you want to carve in. Once you have your design cut out, put a candle inside, and see it light up. It’s always fun to have a carving contest too. 

Pumpkins are a great reason to get out of the house and to occupy your time during quarantine. Use Autumn to its full advantage before the winter months come.