Use Movies and TV Shows as Travel Inspiration

Conleth Hill and Carice van Houten in "Game of Thrones"

Travel inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places – including movies and TV shows. They can introduce you to many new amazing spots from all around the world that you never dreamed of visiting before, and here’s how you can use them to plan your next trip.

Filming Locations

Filmmakers are always looking for stunning locations to film their projects, and many of them look equally amazing in person. You can plan your future trips around them, as a way of paying homage to your favorite movies and TV shows.

Learning Lessons

Watching foreign movies is a great way to learn more about new cultures, and practice your listening skills if you’re learning a new language. You can also go one step further by watching travel-themed documentary films and shows.

Themed Experiences

In addition to introducing you to a bunch of new places around the world, certain movies and TV shows will inspire you to visit locations dedicated to hard-core fans – such as Disney World, Studio Ghibli Museum, or Universal Resorts.