Use Up The Last Of Your Wine In These Desserts

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It’s always a sad day when you get a glass and a bottle of wine after a day at work only to find nothing but a drop inside. If your instinct tells you to pour it down the drain, don’t! Take that last bit that isn’t worth drinking and use it for something sweet instead. Try these recipes and you’ll be happy no wine went to waste.

Chocolate Red Wine Cake

Red wine gives this cake a familiarly red velvet cake-like taste. All you need to do is add some wine to your wet ingredients after creaming butter and sugar, but you are left with the complex flavor of the wine once the cake is done.

Merlot Hot Fudge Sauce

Chocolate and red wine are a timeless duo, and this sauce could not be easier. Simply melt together chocolate, cream, and sugar, and add the wine once everything is combined. Let it sit for 10 minutes and you have a sauce perfect for ice cream or brownies!

Grapefruit Moscoto Gelée

A gelée is essentially Jell-O but made from scratch. This recipe brings nostalgia into the adult world by adding sweet Moscato to grapefruit Jell-O. Dissolve gelatin into grapefruit juice, leaving some juice to boil. Once the juice is boiled, mix in the gelatin mixture and the wine. Chill and enjoy!