Ursula Goff Creates Colorful Hairstyles Inspired by Nature

Bright and bold hair colors have been a huge hit for years, and some colorist made a name for themselves by embracing them. Ursula Goff is one of them, but there’s something that separates her from everyone else.

Goff’s hairstyles became a viral sensation because they’re inspired by nature, art, and everyday objects. Some of her most popular posts show back-to-back photos of her vibrant hairstyles and scenes from nature that inspired them.


While discussing her craft with Bored Panda, Goff said that she approaches hair color the same way she approaches painting: “I can be inspired by almost anything and I’m always asking myself how I’d execute certain looks or concepts.”

Her hair designs can take from 30 minutes to several hours to complete, especially if they involve extensions and several different hair dyes.

Some of her most impressive works were created in collaboration with her clients, who push her out of her comfort zone by coming up with their own colorful ideas and concepts.

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