Uniquely Shaped Vases Are Taking the Home Décor World by Storm

Becoming a home décor expert is all about picking tiny details that will make your space really pop. Vases fall under that category, and 2021 is a better time than ever to use them to your advantage since they’re taking the world by storm—and looking more unusual than ever.

Having a simple, elegant vase to store your flowers in is no longer enough. From Instagram and YouTube to Pinterest and Etsy, vases in unusual shapes and colors are showing up everywhere, and everyone from influencers to celebrities is on board with this trend.

The days of using a fresh bouquet of flowers to liven up your living room are long behind us, and home décor experts are relying on one tiny detail to really make an impression. Whimsical vases of unusual shapes are much more effective since they’ll immediately grab everyone’s attention, in a way that flowers alone never could.

Hand-made ceramics artists put this trend on the map, but major home décor retailers are embracing it as we speak. If you enjoy supporting small businesses, we recommend you find interesting pottery brands in your area before everyone from Zara Home to Pottery Barn fully embraces this emerging home décor craze.