TikTok’s Best Tips for Thick Hair

Photo by Corina Rainer on Unsplash

Who among you would like to have thick and voluminous hair? It’s everybody’s dream and there are many helpful tips for achieving it that we found on TikTok. Here are some of the most effective ones.

Use Conditioner Properly

According to Amy Chang, applying conditioner to your roots can be the crucial step that makes all the difference. When your scalp is dry and flaky, your hair can’t look its best. If your scalp gets greasy quickly, make sure you use a light conditioner that won’t weigh it down.

Avoid SLS

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a common ingredient in shampoos that can be very damaging for your hair. It’s basically a detergent that helps remove dirt, but it can be very aggressive and strip even the good oils from your hair.

Massage the Scalp

Massaging the scalp when you wash your hair will help you cleanse it gently and make your hair look better than ever after you’re done styling it. It will only take a few extra minutes and feel amazing!